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About us

Weald Woodscapes is a company dedicated to the goal of sustainable, low impact woodland management and the wise use of timber as a renewable resource.

As Environmental Foresters, we believe in the wood, the whole wood and nothing but the wood. We understand that for a woodland to fulfil and maintain its natural and productive potential, it should be managed to the benefit of its biodiverse structure. From the soil to the canopy, we provide an integrated approach to woodland management.

Weald Woodscapes specialise in the management of Ancient Semi Natural Woodland (ASNW) and Plantations on Ancient Woodland Sites (PAWS), habitat restoration and woodland ecology. We manage woodlands on a long-term basis and also provide bespoke contracting services throughout the South East for private owners, conservation and environmental forest agencies, wildlife trusts and Borough Councils.

With over 25 years practical management and research experience within the forestry and woodland sector, including 20 years’ experience working horses in forestry (‘horse logging’) the Woodscapes team can provide a broad range of management skills and expertise that, in turn, reflects the diversity and uniqueness of the woodlands of the South East.

As a small company, we believe in working in collaboration with the owner or manager to better achieve the vision they have for their woodland and to deliver the highest quality woodland contracting service.


Along with our management and contracting services, Weald Woodscapes also provides woodland based training courses and a range of locally sourced and sustainably harvested timber and green wood products. Please see the Training courses and The Wood Shed pages for more information.


Weald Woodscapes is fully insured and each member of the team hold the relevant industry standard Certificates of Competence appropriate to each management operation undertaken.

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Frankie Woodgate


"My roots are in the woods." 

Weald Woodscapes is run by Frankie Woodgate, who has over 25 years practical experience working in and managing woodlands throughout the UK. Frankie has a BSc (Hons) in Countryside Management and spent a number of years researching the role of horse drawn timber extraction systems in UK and European forestry. She has published both research 

articles and material for woodland books and journals over the years. With a particular interest in environmental forestry and low-impact methods of management, Frankie has
developed Weald Woodscapes to reflect not only these interests but to also highlight the principles and practice of sustainable management.

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