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Horse drawn timber extraction (horse logging)

Weald Woodscapes offer bespoke courses to suit the trainees level of experience and their expected learning outcomes. So, whether you have worked with a horse before or not, whether you have practical woodsmanship skills or not, we will endeavour to design a course that best suits you. As such, the content of each course will vary accordingly. An outline of the 2 and 3 day courses are available on request.

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2 and 3 day Courses

‘Introduction to Working Horses in Forestry and Woodland’

This course is available to individuals or groups of up to 4 trainees. Courses are held in a farm/woodland setting near Ashford, Kent.

Course fee: £130/day.

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For more information, contact:

Frankie Woodgate

Email: new address or old?

Mob: 07929 202963

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